Understanding the context

Due to the central role of mobile in the digital revolution, Telecommunications companies are key players of the new era of Big Data. First of all, as supplier of the access to the digital world, be it through internet connection or mobile devices. But also as key players in the customer journey of most of sectors. And also as one of the main source of behavioral data.

Telecommunications companies must therefore be at the cutting edge of new Big Data capabilities to be able to leverage on the huge amount of data generated on their networks in order to optimize their own acquisition / loyalty cycles but also to monetize their customer knowledge through partnerships.

Our commitment

We believe that the only way to deliver value in an environment with such a volume of data is to start from the usage. It requires a deep understanding of key business stakes and of the role of mobile and internet in the transformation of today's business world.

This mastery of the business understanding allows Ekimetrics to deploy focused innovative approaches able to deliver value on the short-term and to deploy a real Test & Learn approach. For instance, that's how we have made the most of log data from a major actor of the sector by focusing on a behavioral segmentation first, allowing us to understand the potential and the limits of such a data source and to deliver a more informed roadmap for future years, defining analytics, data products and a set of high-potential usages.