Context and commitment

To facilitate the use of impactful insights to make brighter decisions, we have extended our expertise to web applications development. We have developed the team and tools to build custom fit applications so that key insights are available from anywhere at any time. Our strength lies in our top shelf capabilities in web development, our Agile tailored approach, and a transversal expertise with vertical capabilities to tackle any business need.  Our web application suite will provide you easy access to insights to take the best strategic decisions.

Our added value is based on six strong assets which differentiate us from others:



Our product offer



Our know-how

We use cutting edge technologies and infrastructures to ensure the application robustness and reliability: 


Our applications are hosted on Heroku, a platform as a service solution. Heorku is based on Amazon Web Services technology whose data centers follow the norms ISO 27001 and FISMA Moderate.

The backend is developed in Ruby on Rails which follows the OWASP security rules.

PostgreSQL or MongoDB databases ensure data redundancy and backups.

Angular.js framework is used for the front end and data vizualisations are developed with the D3.js library for more flexibility.

Moreover, we work with Github, a code versioning service, on private repositories to ensure confidentiality.

Our stack and know-how have been tested on more than 10 ad-hoc web applications, most of them now running in production.


Our methodology

The prep phase (or design thinking stages) is a vital stepping stone to allow for a smoother and time efficient process of development by clarifying the functional and technical specifications from the beginning (data sources, KPIs, interface mockups, edge cases…).

We use the Agile Scrum approach – short validation cycles - to develop our tailored web products for our clients. The Scrum methodology allows us to get the client’s feedback regularly and therefore ensure that the project is progressing smoothly.