We are Data Science leaders and pioneers, and have been ever since our company was established in 2006. We work with many complex business issues in multiple international markets and a large number of industries. With more than 12 years of experience, Ekimetrics has developed an ecosystem of powerful assets based on a unique combination of data and human expertise.

Our assets guarantee you speed, scalability and robust analysis, from strategy to implementation:


Our combined best talents, consultants and data scientists

We know that it takes exceptional consultants to solve your most complex problems, which is why we select our employees from the best universities (Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial etc..). Sharing and transmission are key values at Ekimetrics. Every consultant receives continuous training to attain and maintain the level of excellence we seek. To achieve this, we designed a training program with 55 modules that cover both "hard skills" (machine learning, advanced statistics...) and “soft skills” (Data Storytelling, Agile Methodology, Design Thinking...).


Methods and cutting-edge technologies that keep us a step ahead

Our strategic recommendations are backed by a powerful synergy of resources combining data and solid technology:

- Proprietary algorithms

- Machine learning:  XGBoost, Random Forest, Neural Networks, Genetic algorithms, Bayesian models, Markov models, Shapley values...

- Statistics: Multiple Linear Regression, Penalized Regression, SUR modeling, Bayesian techniques, game theory...


Our platforms and tools serving your efficiency... as well as ours

Thanks to a systematized productivity approach, we have developed platform and tools expertise. Helping you to work quickly and well while ensuring robustness and reliability - that is our promise:

- Big data platforms & ecosystems

- Over 500 proprietary connectors

- Many customized deliverables (products, apps, tools, DataViz...)


Intellectual property items at unrivalled entry-level costs

Our DNA in strategic consulting has been strengthened through ample feedback from the largest CAC40 and Fortune 500 corporations. You will reap the fruits of proven methods, sometimes proprietary... as well as valuable information:

- Strategic proprietary canvas

- Industry benchmarks, best practices libraries

- Proven consulting frameworks

- Diverse consulting techniques: Agile, Data Storytelling, Design Thinking...