At Ekimetrics, our ambition is to empower the business world with Data Science. To do so, we support you in the development of new world-class data and analytics capabilities allowing you to power-up your revenue strategy or business model.

Our goal is to transform your data into new sustainable business assets that will support your strategy in the short and long term. We have two solution sets which can leverage separately, or jointly as a whole, to drive your business objectives and ambition.

Our 1st set of solutions focuses on Revenue Generating Activities: Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), Customer Analytics, Trade/Price strategy/Promotion optimization, and, brand impact measurement.

RGA Performance 

Marketing Mix Modeling or MMM, the only true ROI approach

Marketers are confident in their ability to deliver the right message to consumers, specifically through detailed data analysis. However, this confidence needs to translate into more effective marketing campaigns with better metrics... Is that happening? If we consider that many consumers appear dissatisfied with campaigns targeted to them, perhaps it isn’t.

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is a standard for ROI forecasting and optimizing, capable of explaining sales volumes, as well as brand or product range sales based on the different drivers in the Marketing Mix: TV, digital, price, promotion, product launches, trade marketing, etc. MMM can isolate the ROI for each driver in the Marketing Mix and measure its impact. The next step, leading to predictive marketing, is to simulate different levels of investment across these drivers to ensure sales growth for the next period. The results are tangible, disruptive, including when measuring online-to-store or cross-device impact, or quantifying digital ROI.

Using quantified data to steer investments by channel or type of content, by country or product category, Ekimetrics can help you on different topics:

-Marketing Mix Modeling

-Customer journey and purchasing cycles

-MMM and MTA integration

-Data-driven merchandising

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Analysing the digital domain: for a unified customer journey between digital and real-world modes

The arrival of digital levers has revolutionized the marketing world by bringing new measurable and customizable channels. Social networks have in turn upset the traditional view of customer marketing by the rise of user-generated content, Advocacy and Engagement becoming essential pillars in the advertiser retention strategy.

In this new context, advertisers are asking more and more questions about the comparability of efficiency measured between addressable and non-addressable media, in order to better orchestrate interaction effects. Digitizing the customer journey is also key, with a goal of achieving a unified customer journey, fluid between the digital world and the real world.

At Ekimetrics, we believe that to really make the most of the potential of digital & social levers, we must be able to prove their value on the same scale as offline investments. One aspect of the integrated approach to performance that we have implemented. We also believe that the power of these new levers is even more obvious if being highlighted in the larger scheme of marketing investments instead of a pure digital dashboard. 

By combining best-in-class digital capabilities on various technologies (no matter the analytics tool) and our double profile in statistics-marketing , we can provide analyses that are going beyond simple analytics to deliver recommendations not only for digital strategy but for digital in the overall strategy.

We create tailor-made solutions on topics such as:

-Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

-MMM and MTA integration

-Social listening


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Customer analytics, customer experience and CRM excellence: unlock the value of your data for your enterprise... and for your customers.

In the 1990s, the potential for recording and storing customer data led many companies to invest in CRM programs and tools. Since it was first developed, CRM has changed dramatically, and is still expanding today as the amount of customer information available to businesses continues to grow. However, despite corporate investments, the results are still often disappointing or don't provide the kind of value these investments should produce. Getting the most out of CRM requires a balance between your data infrastructure and workflows and how that system is activated to drive ROI and CLV.

Our approach is based on mastery and integration of the four main pillars of the clients’ strategy (strategy, analysis, targeting and IS). We work with our clients to design the CRM roadmap that fits their specific needs, all the way through to designing the relationship strategy and day-to-day implementation. We have experience providing this support to many clients in diverse industries such as luxury and automotive, delivering unique efficiency by integrating all the specializations in the value chain.

To avoid the pitfalls of the large-scale CRM projects of the 90s and subsequent decade, we develop a step by step approach to prove the value of our work through gains metrics starting from the first 4 months into the project. This Quick Wins strategy is a major driver for developing CRM. Our commitment is to maintain this pragmatic approach in the long term, through a constantly renewed process of exploration and the deployment of new solutions. Contact us on subjects like:

-Descriptive analytics

-Data lake development

-Segmentation and propensity modelling

-Dynamic scoring systems

-CLV measurement


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Trade, Price and Promotion Optimization

Pricing is an equation with many unknowns between profit and sales volume. Whether it is to maximize margin, boost profitability or drive the launch of a new product, advanced optimization of your pricing strategy is crucial to survive in a highly competitive environment.

The optimization of the pricing strategy allows you to reckon the variations in demand, according to the different price levels.

At Ekimetrics, we strongly believe that pricing strategy, unrelated to its environment and other variables that may impact it, is not the most realistic approach. Hence, we always take into consideration all the factors impacting your pricing strategy and your business objective at the same time: brand positioning, market penetration, product launch, etc. This allows us to re-contextualize variables, anticipate synergies between the different levers, halos effects, and potentially reveal contradictory approaches. The construction of your pricing strategy is made easier, more reliable and, above all, documented.

To support you in the best decision-making, we have developed an integrated approach to performance. That is what makes us different.

More than a collection of statistical analyses, we help you to reveal risks and pricing opportunities, to find the smarter strategic compromises, regarding your business ambition (profit, sales, new market...).

Beyond project resolution, we help you on building new world-class data and analytical capabilities (data-driven frameworks, new processes, data typology, data translation into business insights...) to support your pricing strategy. An approach that we defend as we are convinced that it is more sustainable and scalable.

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Brand equity and brand impact measurement

CMOs, Media Directors or Marketing Directors are struggling to demonstrate the value and ROI of their investments in a digitalized and data-embedded world. Quantitative analyses, quantitative studies, digital data... it is now quite difficult for Marketing Departments to make brighter decisions about budget allocation, to measure the real impact of campaigns launched, and to understand the impact of these strategic decisions on the brand. How to find the right balance between short-term sales and brand equity, distinguish between positive and negative effects, choose the most relevant KPIs according to business sectors and corporate strategy, reconnect quantitative and qualitative analyses?

At Ekimetrics, we really believe that a siloed approach to performance measures, teams or organizations, does not lead to the most powerful results. Therefore, we have set up proprietary brand impact analysis framework that allows you to identify the right performance indicators, manage your short and long-term brand strategy, understand and isolate the impacts of different marketing actions, always in line with your business objectives: brand awareness, customer strategy, etc.

We work with our clients in several steps: understanding the mechanisms of their growth or loyalty levers in their industries, designing the competitive landscape to recontextualize, identifying the levers that have the most significant impact on their brands and according to their industries. We work with the teams and the Management Committee at a very early stage and throughout the project. We explore all the data we have, and even consider the data that we do not have (yet) but that we think is crucial to the effective progress of the project. We have developed methods to analyse large volumes (up to 20 years of data on very mature industries), very disparate (surveys, NPS, OaO, online and offline media, transactions, satisfaction...) that we integrate into our statistical models to maximize the accuracy and reliability of our advanced analyses.

This allows us to identify the right performance indicators with regard to your business objective, to focus on those that have a significant impact on sales, market penetration, brand preference... but also on a more operational level, to guide you on the most virtuous combination of actions, in the service of your brand strategy.

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