Marketing Mix Modeling or MMM, the only true ROI approach

Marketers are confident in their ability to deliver the right message to consumers, specifically through detailed data analysis. However, this confidence needs to translate into more effective marketing campaigns with better metrics... Is that actually happening? If we consider that many consumers appear dissatisfied with campaigns targeted to them, perhaps it isn’t. According to a recent study by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), half of all consumers receive a 'high level' of daily ads which are considered irrelevant.

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is Ekimetrics’ core business since 2006, and is based on econometric modeling. This method emerged these last 10 years as a standard for ROI forecasting and optimizing, capable of explaining sales volumes, as well as brand or product range sales based on the different drivers in the Marketing Mix: TV, digital, price, promotion, product launches, trade marketing, etc. MMM is able to isolate the ROI for each driver in the Marketing Mix and measure its impact. The next step, leading to predictive marketing, is to simulate different levels of investment across these drivers to ensure sales growth for the next period. The results are tangible, disruptive, including when measuring online-to-store or cross-device impact, or quantifying digital ROI. 

Beyond the reliability of measurements and the ROI-based approach, executives are also attracted by the holistic vision of an MMM approach: using quantified data to steer investments by channel or type of content, by country or product category. We help you on:


// Marketing mix modeling, online to store, digital allocation, brand equity, social ROI...//


Since 2006, we have developed more sophisticated MMM offers capable of factoring in elements of your marketing mix coupled with your CRM, your digital strategy (Multi-touch attribution ot MTA) or your stores.


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Customer experience and CRM excellence 

Unlock the value of your data for yourself... and for your customers.


In the 1990s, the potential for recording and storing customer data led many companies to invest in CRM programs and tools. Since it was first developed, CRM has changed dramatically, and is still expanding today as the amount of customer information available to businesses continues to grow. However, despite corporate investments, the results are still often disappointing or don't provide the kind of value these investments should produce. Getting the most out of CRM requires a balance between infrastructure (d-bases and tools) and a strategic use of data.

Our approach is based on mastery and integration of the four main pillars of the clients’ strategy (strategy, analysis, targeting and IS). We work with our clients to design the CRM roadmap that fits their specific needs, all the way through to designing the relationship strategy and day-to-day implementation. We have experience providing this support to many clients in diverse industries such as luxury and automotive, delivering unique efficiency by integrating all the specializations in the value chain.

To avoid the pitfalls of the large-scale CRM projects of the 90s and subsequent decade, we develop a step by step approach so as to prove the value of our work through gains metrics starting from the first 4 months into the project. This Quick Wins strategy is a major driver for developing CRM. Our commitment is to maintain this pragmatic approach in the long term, through a constantly renewed process of exploration and the deployment of new solutions. Contact us on subjects like:

// Data mining & cleaning, statistical segmentation, Lifecycle, Lifetime value, targeting management...//


Social and digital ROI

Identify your true digital growth drivers


Digital drivers have revolutionized the world of marketing by contributing new measurable and customizable channels. Social networks have created an upheaval in the traditional view of customer marketing through the rise of content generated by users, with Advocacy and Engagement becoming two key pillars in advertiser’s loyalty strategy.

In this new context, advertisers are increasingly wondering about how efficiencies measured in the digital arena can be compared with the efficiency of more traditional drivers, the aim being to improve synergies. Digitizing customer experience is also key, with a goal of achieving a smooth customer journey that connects the digital world and the real world.

At Ekimetrics, we believe that to get the most out of the potential of digital and social drivers, we must be able to prove their value on the same scale as offline investments. We also believe that the power of these new drivers is even more evident if they are seen with respect to the overall ROI context for the company’s investments rather than being measured using purely digital dashboards.

By combining the best talents in digital technologies (regardless of the analytics tool) and our vision as statisticians and consultants, we are able to deliver lessons that go far beyond simple descriptive analyses and make recommendations not only for digital strategy, but also for the role of digital technology in the overall strategy. We solve complex digital issues like:

// MTA, digital allocation, proprietary social analytical tool, social live rooms...//


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