Understanding the Context

The Consumer Packaged Goods sector is one of the most data-savvy due to the immense volumes companies must handle and the potential added value of fully capturing that information. Historically, many companies in the sector have been at the forefront of business analytics innovation. However, consumer goods companies today face growing mountains of data. The digital age has created waves of new datasets and customer touchpoints that are critical to capture. In addition, companies have to manage ever-growing transaction data logs from their retailers, usually obtained through syndicated data arrangements with them.

Client's feedbacks 
A young actor on the market of analytics for CPG, Ekimetrics has bring us a far more detailed approach for Trade ROI, unlocking a new potential for optimization.
CFO, Beverage company

Our commitment

Ekimetrics helps CPG companies optimize their spend by measuring the ROI of each lever in the portfolio. Using marketing mix modeling and other statistical methods, we are able to achieve a transversal view of the performance of all your levers including media, promotions, price, distribution, brand equity and other external effects such as macro-economic factors. For CPG companies, a strong emphasis is placed on trade performance.
Price is a key lever in CPG and even minor adjustments can have a powerful impact on margin. Ekimetrics accompanies clients in the sector in optimizing the pricing of its products through pricing elasticity measurement and optimization.
Ekimetrics also accompanies CPG clients on understanding the end to end consumer. By understanding the entire spectrum of customer touchpoints, Ekimetrics is able to build a tailored approach for CPG companies where the bridge is made between customer using all channels: mobile, digital and traditional. The result is strategic customer knowledge as well as optimized CRM targeting.