Understanding the Context

Over the past decade, the luxury sector has experienced a steady growth largely due to the rising demand in Asia, Russia and other emerging markets. This growth has been aided by the rapid development of boutiques and other points of sale. This growth has led brands to compete on the recruitment of new customers but also invest heavily on developing strategies to foster loyalty and development of existing customers. The capacity for brands to optimize their connection to their client base at various touchpoints along with their ability to apply the newfound customer information/ knowledge toward their strategy will be key in defining tomorrow’s industry leaders.

Client's feedbacks 
Ekimetrics has brought a brand new way of thinking customer segmentation, much more adapted to a luxury brand than classical RFM approaches.
Head of Customer Strategy, Luxury Brand
Thanks to the expertise of Ekimetrics, we have been able to deploy modeling methods we thought reserved for CPG brands. It gives us a new potential to pilot our investments in a ROI culture.
VP of international Retail, Luxury brand

Our commitment

Ekimetrics is collaborating with 6 of the 8 top international luxury groups on projects relating to customer knowledge and strategy. We are assisting our clients at achieving the goal of placing the customer at the center of strategy by leveraging data to better understand the interaction they have at each touch point along their customers’ relationship with them. Within the luxury sector, our main focus and projects are segmentations, scorings, client typology analyses, customer lifecycle analysis, measurement of the efficiency of mail communication channels (DM, email, phone call, ect.). Our experience and expertise within the sector makes us a preferred vendor for collaborations on pricing studies, product offer merchandizing, marketing & media efficiency measurement and customer knowledge & strategy. We also are working with our clients on their e-commerce & digital strategies to make the most of an increasing digitalization of the luxury sector.