Understanding the Context

Due to the recent slump in consumption, new pricing pressures and the digital revolution, the retail sector has undergone a major makeover. Those who will be capable of understanding and adapting to the new rules of the game will be the winners of tomorrow.

The arrival of Big Data in particular, with new access to real-time information, has dramatically changed the relationship between companies and their consumers. Consumers are now able to quickly compare product offers and pricing at the smallest level of granularity. This, coupled with the diversification of distribution channels and the emergence of pure players, allows for a wealth of opportunities for businesses.

While the sector is one of the pioneers in data driven arbitrage, there is still an expanse of opportunity available linked to Big Data, since many of the developments so far have been theoretical and not as practical. Through our experience in retail, we have shown the powerful impact achievable through various analytical approaches, with significant gains in operational efficiency, margin and client experience.

Our commitment

We accompany retail companies to better pilot the huge amount of data in a strategical objective by driving traffic to the point of sales and optimizing the role of e-commerce, piloting pricing strategy and promotional pressure, tailoring offers to local needs, enriching the customer experience...

We believe that the key question is about aligning new technological capabilities to the strategy of retailers, with high stakes on being able to choose what is really in the DNA of the company.