Understanding the Context

Much like in other industries, the Banking & Insurance market is undergoing some significant changes largely due to the recent digitalization of the market, notably the rise of new distribution methods (aggregators). Companies are left to decide how to alter their marketing strategy to balance their mix between online/offline and to account for new platforms all while attempting to account for the impact of their arbitrages both on the short and long term.

Client's feedbacks 
Ekimetrics has brought actionability in our Marketing Mix Modeling approach, even for complex products in complex distribution configurations.
Chief Analytics Officer, Insurance company

Our commitment

In a sector driven by pull investments with a high cost of acquisition, Banking & Insurance firms must have a capacity to identify the most effective levers driving acquisition and retention. Depending on the region and the target market, the optimized distribution between online and offline investments will change and require significant arbitrages in mix. We are working with Banking & Insurance brands to help them through this process and to also understand the impact of investments at different KPIs along their complex sales procedure as well as general ROI and impact on brand metrics.