News February 24th 2014

Midem has accelerated interconnections within the Twitter's music community

Ekimetrics Dataviz Midem Twitter Interactions before the festival
Ekimetrics Dataviz  Midem Twitter Interactions by the end the festival
Ekimetrics Dataviz Midem Twitter Topics of interest
Ekimetrics Dataviz Midem Twitter Topics of interest & People
By introducing the third Midem Talks session in Cannes, The Media Shaker teams up with Ekimetrics to analyse what connections were created throughout the event. We also analyzed the subjects that were mostly

Above are the dataviz showing the interactions between attendees before and during the Midem festival.



Thought Leadership July 10th 2019

McDonald's France : business strategy, behavioural analysis & big data

Whether I’m in class or talking to friends, it is often difficult to explain to them what the meta-data in their daily lives can do. It is easy to imagine how big data is used in scientific calculations of meteorological models or for managing transport, but it is harder to see how it can be used in our daily lives.
Thought Leadership June 19th 2019

How to combine business approaches, advanced statistics, and technology?

It is sometimes difficult to create a link between highly sophisticated statistical approaches and business reality. The transformation of data into value is an art that needs to combine three different pillars: business understanding, advanced statistics and technology. This triangular approach needs to be adopted by all machine learning projects.