News June 10th 2014

We are hiring !

Ekimetrics is growing

If you want to join a young and dynamic team of consultants, you can now join one of the fastest-growing company of the sector.

If you have a strong appetite for analytics (be it via Statistics, Machine learning, Big Data or BI) and a strong belief that your scientific capabilities could express themselves in a business environment, Ekimetrics is what you are looking for.

We are currently looking for consultants, from junior level to senior (up to 5 years of experience) and also for interns.

Send your resume at

Thought Leadership June 28th 2018

10 steps to transition from an intuitive strategy to a predictive strategy

In corporations, traditional practices tend to favour experience, business conventions, uses and habits. Sometimes even political reflexes at the expense of effective decision-making. An analytical culture challenges these established mechanisms by being more pragmatic and qualifying what has never been qualified before.