News March 16th 2017

Project DataCity - Numa Paris

Ekimetrics was invited to IoT World, an exhibition that took place at Porte de Versailles on March 2017, its aim is to bring together the most important elements of the Connected Object and Machine to Machine industry. From the start up to the international company, from health to automotive, IoT World's exhibitors are the best of the market.

The DataCity project is an open innovation program created by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris. The objective is to use data to design solutions tailored for the benefit of tomorrow’s cities.

With the support of multiple stakeholders, DataCity set up experimentation fields to allow startups to test their cutting-edge prototypes. Corporates and local authorities benefit from the solutions through new business opportunities, new services or quality improvement.

Ekimetrics, as a technical partner, contributes to the overall project by insuring best in class data usage, challenging statistical methodologies and participating in the start-up selection. We asked several questions to Gaetan Delorme, Senior Consultant at Ekimetrics and speaker at the conference.

What was the main topics raised during the round-table discussion?

The round-table discussion was animated by Ariel Gomez, CEO & Owner at Media Partners 360 which owns several B2B magazines and especially Smart City mag launched in June 2016. Were present,  Gaetan Delorme from Ekimetrics as part of the DataCity project and two other guests Mouloud Dey, Director Innovation and Business Development at SAS and Jean-François Gaudy, Chief Innovation Officer at Gfi Informatique.

The main topic was to understand how much AI can be used in smart city programs and to understand the current experiments around the world and the opportunities for the future.

The first question concerned the maturity of IA applied to smart cities, I started by explaining that “there is necessarily artificial intelligence in the city smart city programs, but it does not necessarily use very advanced cognitive abilities” and Mouloud Dey completed the answer by explaining that, for instance “visual recognition of a license plate is for now week IA”.

Then Jean-François Gaudy gave us the example of parking that also makes use of artificial intelligence: "surveillance cameras in parking spots are now able to detect the presence of vehicles". I then have been asked to give an example from the DataCity program where I explained that we can optimize the time when the janitors take the trashes out and better plan the route of trucks-rubbish bins according to the work or accidents on the road.

There are still unanswered questions: are citizens ready to entrust their data to machines? Will elected officials and public officials will agree to share the management of cities with the machines? What are the technological, legal and ethical issues linked to the artificial intelligence for smart cities?

What is the positioning of Ekimetrics in the DataCity project?

The aim of this project is to put together large companies such as SFP, RATPdev or EDF with start-ups to solve around 10 challenges that will make the city smarter, large companies bring their data and start-ups their agility and methodologies. These challenges concern energy consumption, mobility, logistics, smart buildings and waste management. If I should give only one example, I’d talked about the challenge “Predictive maintenance on city lightning to optimize cost and enhance quality of life”.

On this project Ekimetrics is a technical partner, we help the start-ups and the stakeholders to use the best-in-class statistical methodologies and manage their data, we also participate in the start-up selection.

What are the prospective steps of the project?

Now, the start-ups have been selected ; from more than 250 applicants, the final 12 have been chosen. Among them we have Colisweb, BeeBryte or Intersec.

As we are talking, the start-ups are participating to the bootcamp phases, twice 1 week when they develop their first prototypes to answer the challenge dedicated to them.

They will then present their projects during the Pitch Day on June 6th in the presence of Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris.

We now hope that many projects will be realized and will lead to long-term partnerships with the stakeholders and the local authorities.

News May 6th 2020

Alcov2: a large-scale survey to study the transmission of SARS-CoV2 within French households

A team of researchers with expertise in mathematics, statistics and epidemiology (Sorbonne University, CNRS, Collège de France, Oxford University, Ekimetrics and Datacraft) has launched an investigation into the French outbreaks of Coronavirus during the recently implemented containment period.