News April 13th 2015

French senators visit Ekimetrics London office

We had the pleasure to receive a delegation of French senators in our London office situated in Shoreditch. This multi-party delegation of senators was in London for a day tour organized jointly by the Senate’s Economy Committee and the Senate’s Enterprise delegation. The senators were keen to understand the approach of highly growing innovative French firms, such as Ekimetrics which include the conquest of Anglo-Saxon markets. It was also an opportunity to underline the professional and regulatory specificities of London city.


roof top french senators


Quentin Michard, CEO of Ekimetrics London presented a keynote to the delegation during which he drew a comparison of "business conditions" between Paris and London. Subsequently Quentin Michard explained to the senators the innovative approach developed by Ekimetrics regarding Marketing Mix Modeling, CRM and Pricing as well as Digital & SocialWeb analysis. He also projected these different practices within the automotive and luxury industries, to ill. The presentation was concluded by a short Q&A session, particularly focused on the challenges of quality recruitment and growth management.

Quentin Michard keynote


Ekimetrics team accompanied the senators’ delegation across the street to show them a piece of Street Art work made by Banksy near our office, artistic boundaries is never far from technological innovation, this allowed Quentin to discuss little bit the Eki.Art initiative.

french senators Banksy ekimetrics

Thought Leadership June 19th 2019

How to combine business approaches, advanced statistics, and technology?

It is sometimes difficult to create a link between highly sophisticated statistical approaches and business reality. The transformation of data into value is an art that needs to combine three different pillars: business understanding, advanced statistics and technology. This triangular approach needs to be adopted by all machine learning projects.