Publications April 18th 2016

Ekimetrics culture from Data Science to offices

At Ekimetrics we developed a beautiful office that reflects our mindset and values.

As you can see from the photos below, our offices have been designed with work spaces combining classic molding and historical painted ceilings from the 19th century. It is a modern space reminiscent with the heart of our business: Data. The office was designed by Vincent & Glorias Architectes.

Below a picture of the main conference room Eki.Tangram


Below a picture of the Eki.Cube which is in the center of our Open Space


This unique blend is the identity of Ekimetrics, which provides consulting in a classic modern strategy with expertise specifically focused on data science. Our office showcases various collection of artwork related to the data.


Above a picture of Naked Eye by Caroline Corbasson from the EkiArt collection

Our headquarters located over the glorious streets of Champs Elysées, Paris represents our identity. Moreover, Ekimetrics has been selected as one of the "2015’s World's Coolest Offices" by The Guardian and INC Magazine along with Google and Airbnb.

We are pleased to say that Ekimetrics is listed in the book "Creative Workplace", a book containing all the creative offices published by Publishing Roads.


Ekimetrics has also won the prestigious contest Archi Design Club in the offices category organized by Muuuz media.


Our offices were featured and discussed by various media such as: Azure, L'Express, AMCAA13Archi Daily and DeZeen.

Events June 7th 2017

DataCity Summit in Paris

DataCity is an open innovation program created by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris, Ekimetrics is associated with this program as an expert in Data Science. A part of Ekimetrics’ team went to the Paris’ town hall on Tuesday 6th June, in order to attend the DataCity Paris‘ conference on the occasion of which, 10 innovated solutions for the city and its citizens, were presented.