News October 13th 2016

Day 2 at Data Marketing Paris

Ekimetrics was an official sponsor for the Data Marketing congress who took place on the 12 and 13 october. During those two days, 50 speakers shared the main scene to discuss together about the digital disruption.

During the second day of the congress we had three interventions.


First  Jean-Baptiste Bouzige took the floor to present a keynote about Marketing Mix Modeling and our extensive expertise in addressing key questions from marketing executives to optimize their media campaigns.





For the Second intervention we had the pleasure to host a talk about Data in the creative industry. Our client from Kering Group Sebastien Hua answered Jean-Baptiste questions about their approach to Data and how they structure their Data Lab .Ekimetrics-Bouzige-Keynote-Data-Marketing-Kering



Souhad Zeinedine  & Othmane Zrikem animated a workshop about Data Science usage in Marketing. Three cases in point: Google Deep Queries, Wether Based Targeting and Assortment Tool for luxury goods.



After that our team had fun closing our stand


News May 6th 2020

Alcov2: a large-scale survey to study the transmission of SARS-CoV2 within French households

A team of researchers with expertise in mathematics, statistics and epidemiology (Sorbonne University, CNRS, Collège de France, Oxford University, Ekimetrics and Datacraft) has launched an investigation into the French outbreaks of Coronavirus during the recently implemented containment period.