News February 10th 2017

The data scientist, the new king of the world

They have graduated of Normale Sup ', X or Supélec, they are engineers and have done a thesis in math or physics, they have followed the Master Data from Télécom ParisTech or HEC's Business Analytics course.

The best ones, at the exit, have a salary to six figures, and the others, who start around 60,000 euros annually, will claim the following year. In the past, these geniuses of equations joined the masters of Nicole El Karoui and became "quant", that is to say specialists of sophisticated financial securities or traders in the markets, big bonuses to the key. Now they are making a fortune as data scientists.

Their Grail? Companies such as Ekimetrics, an european leader in modeling and big data, a start-up created by a handful of "polytechnists" in 2006, now with 140 consultants, with offices in Paris, London, Hong Kong or New York.

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News May 6th 2020

Alcov2: a large-scale survey to study the transmission of SARS-CoV2 within French households

A team of researchers with expertise in mathematics, statistics and epidemiology (Sorbonne University, CNRS, Collège de France, Oxford University, Ekimetrics and Datacraft) has launched an investigation into the French outbreaks of Coronavirus during the recently implemented containment period.