News May 15th 2015

Customer acquisition & brand loyalty workshop in Hong Kong

Ekimetrics organised a Workshop in Hong Kong, in partnership with Stratégir WisdomAsia, about “New customer acquisition & brand loyalty: how brands can activate it today”.

The workshop exploring new customer acquisition & brand loyalty  was the opportunity to welcome clients working for Luxury and Premium brands in the Asia Pacific region as well as to share with them insights about synergies of data analytics and market research in order to improve marketing performance.

ekimetrics stratégir workshop

Olivier Kuziner, Managing Director of Ekimetrics Hong Kong, and Luc Milbergue, CEO of Stratégir, highlighted the new “rules” prevailing in Asia to operate business and stressed the obligation for brands to redefine their marketing strategies. In the first part of the Workshop, Ekimetrics and Stratégir presented their framework, insights and recommendations to strengthen brands' customer knowledge and CRM strategies. In the second part, they explained the leading edge research approches to improve brand efficiency in store. In the last part, they presented innovative data analytics methodologies to measure marketing levers ROI and to drive enhanced CRM strategies.

ekimetrics workshop stratégir Olivier Kuziner


Organised in the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the Workshop enabled to the different participants to exchange with their peers from the Luxury industry.

Mandarin hotel ekimetrics statégir


Click here to download the full presentation.


Click here to download the Part 1 “Going further in the Customer knowledge”


Click here to download the Part 2 “Shopper experience”


Click here to download the Part 3 “Optimise marketing efficency"


Thought Leadership June 19th 2019

How to combine business approaches, advanced statistics, and technology?

It is sometimes difficult to create a link between highly sophisticated statistical approaches and business reality. The transformation of data into value is an art that needs to combine three different pillars: business understanding, advanced statistics and technology. This triangular approach needs to be adopted by all machine learning projects.