Eki.Art September 18th 2017

Cloud of Petals, 2017, Sarah Meyohas


Sarah Meyohas, born in 1991, lives and works in New York

Mathematician Norbert Wiener’s works have concluded that nature progressively disintegrates, in accordance with the second principle of thermodynamics. Humans have produced a paradoxically negative energy by receiving, storing and conveying information to compensate this natural entropy. It was named negentropy by cyberneticians. This development is characterized by an increasing level of organization. Sara Meyohas’ work ‘Cloud of Petals’ -from a performance and a film with the same name- wonderfully confirms this ‘cyber moment’. Photography of rose petals is a result of a long-lasting, meticulous effort of objectification, classification and documentation of irregular natural elements. Sarah Meyohas operates the computation of these petals and offers to establish the computer code of the rose and, by extension, of desire itself.

Thought Leadership June 19th 2019

How to combine business approaches, advanced statistics, and technology?

It's sometimes difficult to create a link between ultra-sophisticated statistical approaches and the business reality. Transforming data into value is an art that needs to marry business approaches, advanced statistics, and sometimes technology: a triangular approach implemented during a machine learning project very specifically applied to the customer strategy.