News May 6th 2020

Alcov2: a large-scale survey to study the transmission of SARS-CoV2 within French households

A team of researchers with expertise in mathematics, statistics and epidemiology (Sorbonne University, CNRS, Collège de France, Oxford University, Ekimetrics and Datacraft) has launched an investigation into the French outbreaks of Coronavirus during the recently implemented containment period.

This collaborative effort will result in the creation of two new tools available to the scientific community:

  • An algorithm able to calculate the probability of having contracted Covid-19 based on the experienced symptoms and risk factors
  • A granular estimate of the crucial parameters of virus transmission

 For the general public, it will be possible to disseminate tools enabling the calculation of risk of whether their specific household has or has not been exposed to the Coronavirus according to the symptoms experienced and their chronology. In parallel, the questionnaire is being distributed to a representative national panel of 10,000 households. To access the survey (French version only):