Business case of a national lottery, leader in online and offline games in its geography.


Despite results in terms of growth, our client is dealing with several challenges: a broad customer base, physical network attrition with a drop in attendance, and needing to accelerate the digitalization of its business.

Our client wants to measure the impact, both on sales and on the pool of players, of various online and offline advertising and promotional drivers, including:

- Measure the share of sales for each contact point

- Systematically measure returns with respect to campaign objectives

- Identify external and internal factors for successful advertising and promotional resources

- Define optimal investment per contact point based on objectives

- Set the optimal mix, orchestration and linkage levels for advertising and promotional drivers, by product



To make sure that our final recommendations are truly robust and to guarantee a holistic approach on the business side, we factor in the full range of phenomena that can have an impact on revenue or volume of players, and specifically:

- Updates in point of sale determination for each range of games, so as to streamline investments

- Online access by range of games to accelerate the company’s digitalization process;

- The pool of online players based on player type (registered non-players, newcomers, occasional players, regulars) to understand and rationalize the different types of customers

- The pool of global players to eradicate erosion

 We also identified solutions to:

- Continuously optimize marketing action plans

- Identify optimal areas of investment for each driver in the mix

- Identify which drivers need synchronous or asynchronous deployment



+200 M€ in revenue

+1 M players



Beyond expected recommendations

In addition to solutions dedicated to income and acquisition, we suggested unit margin optimizations to maximize profit, improvements for product promotionals as well as solutions for streamlining outlet development. Because our clients’ results are the only way we measure success...

More than just consulting: a true business partnership

We did what we do with every client: we provided support all the way through to implementation, and even developed made-to-measure data tools. This resulted in operational teams getting on board with results very quickly.