Discover a case study, on marketing mix modeling efficiency, of a leader in the energy industry with a specific focus on digital.


Following the opening up of the energy market, it is now easy to change provider. Our client wanted to increase its acquisition of new clients, coming directly from competitors. Indeed this target is naturally more loyal on the long term, which decreases the churn. In that context, our client’s objectives was to stimulate the different parts of the purchase funnel, but also to streamline its marketing investments. Specifically, its main business questions were:

- For every step of the purchase funnel, which are the most efficient levers to activate  ?

- What is the optimal mix between media performance and branding at every level of the purchase funnel ?

- What is the optimal online and offline media mix ?

- What are the synergies when activating a combination of levers at the same time? 



Thanks to a close collaboration with Google, Ekimetrics was able to access very deep digital data. Identifying the most relevant proxys with regards to the purchase funnel and our client’s objective, was one of the key challenges. Nevertheless, we found a sophisticated solutions to track and build a history for brand indicators (awareness and consideration), as well as propose optimisations at different levels, leveraging on multi-stage modelling techniques.

As requested by our client, we have been able to measure the impact, for short and long term, and optimise marketing investments in a significant way. We have also identified the best combination for different levers:

- Between TV and VOD

- Between performance levers / branding, for every step of the conversion funnel

- And the ideal distribution between online and offline media, for every step of the conversion funnel.



 +20% marketing means efficiency… with the same budget.



Strong collaborations with key digital providers like Google

We have been able to access data with a very high granularity. This enabled us to accurately measure the impact of different digital levers, to create tailored statistical models, and to make deeper recommendations than usually provided.

An innovative approach of marketing mix modeling

Thanks to 11 years of experience in MMM, Ekimetrics has built robust approaches and proprietary methods, enabling us to measure long term impact for KPIs like awareness, brand preference, quality… directly on sales. 


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