Data can help you prepare tomorrow’s competitive advantage, today. Evolve your data and analytics capabilities.

Everyone is talking about data. That’s a fact. And yet using data for business is still difficult, because data cross-sectionalizes every single challenge. Data analysis reshuffles the cards, reveals the complexity of information flows of data collection and governance, as well as the difficulty of collaborating between teams. Having huge quantities of data is great, but where do you go from there?

This is the question our customers have been asking us these past few years.

Working with major international corporations, in the luxury, automotive, banking and insurance industries among others, Ekimetrics developed a "Data Transformation" offer to help businesses re-invent the way they think, work, and make decisions thanks to data. The objective? Identify untapped product & operational opportunities and support you in the evolution of your business model.

We work with Executive Committees and Senior Management, as well as operational teams to support change management that is triggered by the mainstreaming of data. We help you with downstream strategic aspects (data roadmap, data strategy and governance, sequential approach, etc.), all the way through to implementation on the ground with trades and teams (data acculturation, Data Science trainings, etc.). For a deeper data transformation.

At Ekimetrics, our ambition is to transform your data into new business assets, and to turn it into a new competitive advantage.

Business Model and Data Transformation Ekimetrics

-Data strategy, roadmap and governance

-IT Infrastructure : Data Lake development, ETL services, data infrastructure consulting.

-Data acculturation

-Data Science training


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