Understanding the Context

The arrival of digital levers have revolutionized the marketing world by bringing new measurable and customizable channels. Social networks have in turn upset the traditional view of customer marketing by the rise of user-generated content, Advocacy and Engagement becoming essential pillars in the advertiser retention strategy.

In this new context, advertisers are asking more and more questions about the comparability of efficiency measured on the digital with the efficiency of traditional levers, in order to better orchestrate synergies. Digitizing the customer journey is also key, with a goal of achieving a unified customer journey, fluid between the digital world and the real world.

Client's feedbacks 
I have tested most of the social analytics tools and it was difficult to avoid the "and so what ?" effect : dashboards did not answer my specific questions. Thanks to Ekimetrics, we have built a Live room to follow the Fashion week with a focus on my key questions with a more relevant tagging thanks to their comprehensive experience in Luxury.
Head of Digital, Luxury brand

Our Commitment

At Ekimetrics, we believe that to really make the most of the potential of digital & social levers, we have to be able to prove their value on the same scale as offline investments. We also believe that the power of these new levers is even more obvious if being highlighted in the larger scheme of marketing investments instead of a pure digital dashboards.

By combining best-in-class digital capabilities on various technologies (no matter the analytics tool) and our double profile in statistics-marketing , we are able to provide analyses that are going beyond simple analytics to deliver recommendations not only for digital strategy but for digital in the overall strategy.