Mainstream your data. Work with customized data tools and solutions

Our role is to help companies leverage their data to make faster, more pragmatic, and more daring decisions. Making the right decisions means having the right information in the right format and with the right context. The good news is that this is exactly what we do, and have been doing since 2006.

In addition to our long-term advisory services, we have developed an offer that enables us to develop customized data solutions, infrastructure and products for you and for your teams. Productivity, accessibility, visualization and deliverable reliability are the key drivers in our philosophy. We can support you on projects such as:


// Media planning, predictive tools, DataViz, reporting, Social Room, apps...  //


We develop custom products and platforms, using all our Data Science skills to factor in your business specifics, your industry and your strategic timelines. 

Our commitment: Effective platforms with data that is clear, shareable, and reliable.


Contact us for more information: / +33 (0) 1 70 82 52 44