Understanding the Context

The exact figures vary, but all sources agree that the majority of 'CRM projects' launched in the last thirty years have been spectacular failures. One reason often used to describe this alarming trend is the difficulty in managing these types of large scale projects because most of the actors involved are not in the habit of talking regularly: SI, Marketing, Finance, etc. The results are poorly designed and defined projects that do not meet business needs.
The cross control of the chain, from the consumer to the ground reality Arcane SI systems is therefore a key issue to allow a real value creation for the company.

Our commitment

Since its inception, Ekimetrics has developed a fine expertise of IT systems relating to IT management marketing strategies. This expertise allows us today to pilot large-scale projects in CRM as well as the business side of the BI side. Today, we are developing and piloting all of the activity for our customers from the client data storage until their operational use. As such, our expertise covers areas as diverse as the design and implementation of DWH, the creation of datamart, the connection of different data universes (web data, profile data collected in outlets, transactional data etc. ..) and even setting up API specifics to the needs of our customers. By controlling the whole process, we can guarantee our customers complete IT development in line with their needs, even just serving as a relay between the various services for our clients, or even between different providers already in place.