Ekimetrics, 1st data partner of contemporary art.

On one side, Ekimetrics is a data-driven strategic consultancy company. on the other side, Ekimetrics is the first contemporary art data partner. Our team of young professionals spread out between Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai is focused on making shapes and other forms from one of the most basic sources: data. These creations have produced a sense of cohesion, development and inspiration for our engineers and our teams have decided to inculcate these artistic expressions as part of our company’s culture. In response to this positive reaction, Ekimetrics has put in place a patronage program adapted to its own identity; dedicated to new media, data mapping and sciences. The result is Eki.Art.

2017, Sarah Meyohas

Cloud of Petals, 2017, Sarah Meyohas

2011-2015, Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion

Dérives, 2011-2015, Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion

2014, Ulysse Lacoste

Rulpidon, 2014, Ulysse Lacoste

2016, Paul Souviron

Holding the Sea, 2016, Paul Souviron

2015, Pierre Clément

Flant Panel Array (PTTRN/PTNT Series), 2015, Pierre Clément

2011, Michael Riedel

Four Proposals for Changing Bulletin 72 (1 to 4), 2011, Michael Riedel

2014, fleuryfontaine

Fontaine, 2014, fleuryfontaine

2014, Caroline Corbasson

Naked Eye, 2014, Caroline Corbasson

2015, Marcel Devillers

Celui qui chuchotait dans les ténèbres, 2015, Marcel Devillers

2015, Vincent Broquaire

Inline (in situ), 2015, Vincent Broquaire

Tarik Kiswanson, 2013

Atlas, Tarik Kiswanson, 2013

1967, Collectif (Michael Baldwin & Terry Atkinson)

Map of itself ou Map of an area of dimension 12 '' x 12 '' indicating 2304 ¼ squares, 1967, Collectif (Michael Baldwin & Terry Atkinson)

2014, Clement Valla

Postcards From Google Earth, 2014, Clement Valla

2003, Vincent Mauger

Sans Titre, 4 dessins numériques, 2003, Vincent Mauger

2013, Aram Bartholl

Sergein Brin, Google Search, 2013, Aram Bartholl

2008-2009, Guillaume Collignon

Grande Dixence, photographie argentique, 2008-2009, Guillaume Collignon

2008-2009, Guillaume Collignon

Grande Dixence, photographie argentique, 2008-2009, Guillaume Collignon

2008-2009, Guillaume Collignon

Grande Dixence, photographie argentique, 2008-2009, Guillaume Collignon

In 2013, endowed with a new acquisition budget, the company built a collection of works that include works by Art&Language, Aram Bartholl, Vincent Mauger, Clement Valla, Guillaume Collignon and Tarik Kiswanson. Displayed in a 10,000 square foot plateau facing the Champs-Elysees, the whole of these works feeds the daily work of our teams. Mediation is also assured through a schedule of programs that have seen the participation of Addie Wagenknecht, Pablo Garcia or Florent Lagrange.

Patronage/ Philantropy

Our engagement is founded on the active development of partnerships with prominent cultural institutions. Since 2014, we have accompanied the “Salon de Montrouge” in raising funds to support its young artists in the production of their works as well as providing the salon with a statistical vision on attendance and visits. Ekimetrics is also a founding member of the Tokyo Art Club Enterprises and is the data partner of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, for whom it provides data analytics and the optimization of its hosting and mediation performance. Thus, Eki.Art intends to participate in broadcasts of new forms, practices and ideas in the fields of art and data.