What we are about 

Ekimetrics was created in 2006 with the purpose of unlocking value for strategy thanks to innovative statistical methodologies. Ekimetrics has quickly become the French leader in the market and now leads projects in more than 50 countries with five offices in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong & Dubai. Our 280 consultants are delivering custom-fit approaches to answer key business questions in various sectors such as Automotive, Luxury, Energy, Telecommunications, Retail, CPG, etc.

Statistics at the service of strategy

Ekimetrics is constantly innovating in the use of data and statistics to deliver brighter decisions for CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and operational teams. Our mastery of all dimensions of business allows us to deliver end-to-end approaches, from the definition of strategy to the execution. Our test and learn approach allows us to deliver value within 3 to 4 months, even in a rudimentary data environment.

A unique approach to Big Data that relies on the 'human factor'

Now a leader in the market of Data Science & Modeling, Ekimetrics is unique in its human approach to tackle complex analytical questions. The belief in the strength of combining consultant and analytical skills in all of our employees has led to a unique performance on the market, with all our projects delivering an ROI higher than 20:1 and a strong customer loyalty.

In a sector where the trend is to talk about 'fully-automated procedures' and 'finding without knowing what to search for', Ekimetrics reaffirms the value of business understanding to deliver the maximum value of data.




Jean-Baptiste Bouzige

Jean-Baptiste has founded Ekimetrics in 2006 after having started his career at DDB, where he was in charge of developping analytics and modeling methodologies. He pilots worldwide projects in Automotive, Luxury goods and Insurance and developps innovative approaches for CRM and digital. He is deeply passionated by innovation in the way of delivering simple insights from complex methods for a better decision-making, with a specific interest in the value of data visualization and tools. Jean-Baptiste is leading the development of Ekimetrics New York. He also teaches “Data for Marketing” at HEC Paris Executive, ranked 6th in the world by the 2018 Financial Times MBA ranking. Jean-Baptiste graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines de Paris, with a specialization in applied mathematics and micro-economics.

François Poitrine

General Manager
Francois is a co-founder of Ekimetrics. After starting his career as a consultant for company startups at a business incubator, Francois joined DDB where he helped build the company's econometric approach for marketing performance measurement. In 2006, he co-founded Ekimetrics and since then has piloted worldwide projects in the automotive, luxury, energy, banking and insurance sectors as well as piloting innovative Big Data approaches. Francois graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and has a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship from HEC.

Paul Seguineau

Managing Director of Ekimetrics France
Paul is a co-founder of Ekimetrics. He started his career as a Business consultant for a leading communication group, where he led several projects around the optimization of loyalty programs for leading companies. At Ekimetrics, he is now in charge of leading the innovation efforts of the company while following major CRM for top luxury and automotive brands. Paul is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines de Paris.

Quentin Michard

Managing Director of Ekimetrics Holding
As a partner of Ekimetrics, Quentin accompanies C-executives into defining their Big Data & Analytics roadmap, structuring their digital transformation program as well as implementing advanced analytics and data science skills into their organizations. Quentin proved to be a key advisor in designing global disruptive marketing and sales strategies to maximize financials KPIs while enhancing both customer experience and brand image. Quentin is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and holds a PhD. in molecular biology from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI).