Understanding the Context

CRM has existed for a long time as a manner of providing preferential treatment to revisiting/ VIC customers, but it was in the 1980s that pioneers Robert and Kate Kestnbaum birthed the use of database marketing. In the 1990s, the potential of recording, storing and utilizing customer data led many businesses to invest in CRM programs and strategies. Since its conception, CRM has immensely evolved and will continue to do so as the amount of customer information available to companies continues to grow. Yet, the large pushes and investments made by companies have often been misused. A balance between IT & database infrastructure along with strategic use is key to make the most out of CRM.

Client's feedbacks 
It’s been a great start to the CRM journey this year with Ekimetrics. Their incredible effort and hard work have resulted in market engagement and excitement. It is so refreshing that work with such dynamic individuals.
Head of Customer Strategy, Luxury Brand
For me, Ekimetrics is : the can do attitude without complaint; embrace changes with positivity, solutions oriented approach to all challenges; specialties knowledge and recommendations that go above beyond; great pride in deliverables (whatever the hour!), and last but not least a pleasure and fun to work with
Head of Customer Strategy, Luxury Brand

Our Commitment

Our collaboration with brands is founded on a mastery of the four main pillars of customer strategy & CRM (strategy, analytics, CRM management & IT). We support our clients in both designing appropriate CRM roadmaps based on our strong experience tackling CRM projects within a wide variety of sectors as well as implementing results, tools and processes. We are always taking a step by step process to prove the value of our work and to action quick wins as early as 2 months from project launch. These quick wins are an important way to see a business impact (ROI) stemming from making strides forward. Our commitment is to couple our expertise in fine-tuning customer strategy and CRM with advanced analytics while also maintaining a practical and operational focus to our work.