Careers at Ekimetrics

Drawing out a consultant’s path at Ekimetrics

Junior Consultant:

You join Ekimetrics as a Junior during an end of studies internship or as a recent graduate. During your first year, you discover and assimilate the Ekimetrics work lifestyle. You learn to produce work with rigor and using common sense while respecting the culture we strive to maintain. You will also learn to work in team environments on multiple projects and to adapt to a consulting work dynamic. Typically, Junior Consultants begin with one main project to speed up the learning process and to better your client management skills. We also focus on getting you up to speed on marketing terminology, decision-making processes and to get familiar with key business objectives.  We strongly encourage you to contribute to the Ekimetrics workspace culture and to participate to the many activities offered that make it Ekimetrics such a pleasant and stimulating work environment. 


You join Ekimetrics as a Consultant after your first work experience. After the first integration and training phases, you are fully operational and are able to work autonomously while reporting to a Senior Consultant.  You master the analytical and consulting techniques and you push to discover new ways to tackle business problems and push to innovate new ways to translate data into business decisions. Regarding project management, you are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and direct with your client. With regards to business and marketing subjects, you are always taking a step back to contextualize results and prioritize business meaning and impact. You learn to develop a strategic vision of your client’s business and of your consulting recommendations. Progressively, you will grow into more projects in order to learn new competencies/sectors. You are key actor in maintaining a tight knit relationship with the client and maintaing high quality work.

Senior Consultant:

You can join Ekimetrics as a Senior Consultant after a first professional work experience. You have a strong enough technical expertise and experience in project management to assimilate our work easily and to lead surrounding consultants. You interact with the client at the executive level and learn the ins and outs of marketing in the sector your client is in. In addition, you will be a reference to junior consultants by accompanying them and contributing to their evolution as consultants. You contribute to your team’s overall growth. As a pillar of Ekimetrics culture, you are active in several facets of Ekimetrics development.


You can also join Ekimetrics as a manager after having a first work experience in a company or in consulting. As project leader, you manage Ekimetrics largest accounts. You are a pillar of Ekimetrics work culture and rigor and you are a leading actor in commercial, strategic development and innovation. You also contribute to Ekimetrics strategic planning. 


International career opportunities 

International offices are a strong source of growth for Ekimetrics. Our consultants are rapidly exposed to international projects which can include some short-term travel. In addition, as working internationally is a growth accelerator for the company as well as for you personally, we offer consultants who are interested the possibility to move from one office to another. This is an exciting time to be part of Ekimetrics expansion into new and high potential markets.