Context & Commitment

Big data is the most advanced digital processing step for companies. It changes the paradigm of data by forcing all players to open up, to capture the external data to establish data exchange partnerships. Identifying whether data acquisition, the development of data-management platforms on data analytics tools and finding the data-scientists who will incorporate the entire chain is a major challenge for the business models of tomorrow.

We believe that the value of Big Data will be expressed only through the alliance of the three key areas of expertise in the value chain: business expertise, data expertise (via modeling and machine learning) and IT expertise (including architecture and mastery of Big Data technologies).We are positioned in the heart of the ecosystem of Big Data to capture value innovation, allowing a progressive investment and a very fast time-to-market. 

We favor an agile approach of test and learn in order to discover true industrial initiatives and to break organizational silos running in multi-skills taskforce (business, IT, analytical and legal).


Client's feedbacks 
Thanks to their expertise in both marketing and IT, Ekimetrics' consultants have led the quick wins efforts that have subsidized all our Big Data implementations since 2 years.
Head of IT, Big Data leader, Automotive company
The quality of Ekimetrics' consultants is unique and is a key success factor to orchestrate complex Big Data proofs of concept by guaranteeing a truly useful approach.
Head of Big Data, Insurance company

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