Talks & Lectures February 24th 2017

Smart City Summit : Managing the smart city

By newsposter

Jean-Baptiste Bouzige, Othmane Zrikem and Olivier Kuziner were in Taiwan in order to present Ekimetrics expertise in Data Science applied to smart city problematics, as well as to meet several government officials and business executives.

Jean-Baptiste was invited to present a vision Keynote about Smart City Management in the venue main stage.


As you can see in the following infographic, smart city applications and challenges are pretty wild. That is why there is a need to deploy a real management strategy in order to deliver real added value through these projects.


During this vision Keynote, our CEO Jean-Baptiste Bouzige focused on two main aspects of the Smart City Management challenge; the technical through Analytics of things and the Strategic through the definition of the purpose and the process to extract operating results from this broader approach.



Events June 7th 2017

DataCity Summit in Paris

DataCity is an open innovation program created by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris, Ekimetrics is associated with this program as an expert in Data Science. A part of Ekimetrics’ team went to the Paris’ town hall on Tuesday 6th June, in order to attend the DataCity Paris‘ conference on the occasion of which, 10 innovated solutions for the city and its citizens, were presented.